• The Innovation Network

    The Innovation Network

    As a consulting and software house, Scheer GmbH supports companies with the development of new business models, the optimisation and implementation of more efficient business processes as well as the reliable operation of their IT systems.

    Europe’s leading full-service provider for Learning-, Talent- and E-Learning Content Solutions

    Scheer PAS is known as the platform for flexible end-to-end support of individual processes. It stands for digitization and automation, regardless of how many people, systems or companies need to be involved.

    The innovative supplier of self-learning IT solutions to increase energy efficiency

    Inspirient is an Artificial Intelligence that automatically turns data into relevant, business-ready insights.

    Fanomena develops tailor-made & leading event technology solutions. is the leading e-learning platform for musicians in the B2C field. B2B offers not only consulting, digitization strategy, content creation and LMS development but also all in one solutions.

    The company works at the interface between architecture, design, computer science and research. The use of the latest digital design and production methods plays a central role.

    The JAM MUSIC LAB University (JMLU) is an autonomous private music university located in Vienna, which for the first time in the world uniquely specializes in music forms of the 20th century and the present. The supporting organization of the private university is JAM Music Lab GmbH.

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